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 THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures

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THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Empty
PostSubject: THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures   THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures EmptyMon Nov 09, 2015 9:31 pm

Hello to everyone............
This one is the first one of some series of four figures dedicated to the Winged Polish Hussars. Two 1/10 scale busts and two figures in 90mm, busts will be in resin and the delicate pieces in white metal, the figures will be entirely in white metal.

The painting of these figures can have very interesting variations. The clothes can be red, this is the most common, but also could be blue. The skin may be of Leopard, Tiger and in some occasions Wolf or Bear, according to the social position of the character.

To obtain the whole documentation of the Falcon I spent a day of falconry with some of the best falconers and falcon breeders worldwide, Juan Carlos & Antonio Rodilla, I was advised at all time by them for a perfect Falcon´s design

(https://www.facebook.com/antonio.rodilla http://emprendolid.com/horus/ )

The Falcon also can be made in different ways, according to the race. The result is this nice figure,designed by the talented designer A.Beshkooh. Enjoy it!!!

More photos and documentation on:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dolman-Miniatures/543771685741135?fref=ts
Available now from Dolman Miniatures
To order pleasse visit our website http://www.dolmanminiatures.com/index.php/en/

THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Polacazopollobusto_zps8n0axosw
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-%20Bust03_zpstffthzn2
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-%20Bust04_zpsj5zsfoi9
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falcon%201_zps4osovgth
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-%20Bust06_zpsqowsef5y


THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-14_zpsdd0kawtn
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-16_zps0qgzduyk
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-11_zpsjawvmeab
THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures Falconer-18_zpsk032hz0s
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THE FALCONER....Dolman Miniatures
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